Three Ways To Improve Bathroom Hygiene

A bathroom should be a place of cleanliness. However, many bathroom practices often lead to poor hygiene. More often, we are clueless about the areas that are the most unhygienic. If there was ever a better time to improve bathroom hygiene, now is the best time. Here are three ways to keep yourself clean and healthy:


Let’s be honest, if you were cleaning a stain off a countertop, you wouldn’t just use a dry paper towel. If you want something clean, it will have to get wet and the same logic goes for your body. It’s no surprise that hygienists have been saying for years that toilet paper is not enough. Which is why the bidet is becoming a necessary item of every household. In almost all parts of the world, a bidet has become a standard household item. However, for some reason, westerns have been slow to adapt. Not only will a bidet give you a proper clean, but it will also reduce the amount of toilet paper needed.

Towel Warmers

A towel warmer will not only have your bathroom feeling like a spa, but it will also improve your towel hygiene. A wet towel is breeding ground for bacteria and mould. With multiple people in a household, a hand towel often stays wet throughout the day. By having a towel warmer, your towels will stay warm and toasty, while the chance for germs to grow will minimize. Now you won’t worry about drying yourself with a bacteria-filled towel. 

Touchless Faucets

We all know areas we touch often can build up an immense amount of germs and the bathroom faucet is no exception. More often, people are transferring germs from their hands to their faucets. Some studies report a staggering 6,267 bacteria per square inch on a bathroom sink faucet. With a touchless faucet, the problem is mitigated. Instead of touching something dirty to clean your hands, allow a sensor to keep you safe. In a world of minimal contact, a touchless faucet will help you stay away from germs.

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