Aquabrass, a brand with its heart in Montreal, brings a unique blend of European savoir-faire and North American practicality to homes across North America and the world. This Montreal-based company thrives in a city that is as unconventional, audacious, and exhilarating as the products they create. Known for their exceptional quality and expert craftsmanship, Aquabrass stands out not just for their functionality but also for the distinctive flair they add to their bathroom and kitchen solutions.

Their product range includes bathroom and kitchen faucet collections, full-body shower systems equipped with steam, chromatherapy, and aromatherapy, free-standing bathtubs, vanities, washbasins, and accessories. Each item is crafted with high-performance materials and designed for superb functionality. With a focus on easy and quick installation, Aquabrass' products are suitable for new or existing bathrooms of any size or style, showcasing their North American practicality.

But Aquabrass is not just about functionality; it's a brand where passion for design takes center stage. Their exclusive creations, many custom-made, are a testament to their commitment to design excellence. From in-house plating to commissioning artists, Aquabrass goes above and beyond to ensure that each product not only meets but exceeds customer expectations, authentically embodying the brand's ethos.

Embracing an unconventional and audacious spirit, Aquabrass delivers products that are not just fixtures but statements of exhilarating design and innovation, making them a distinguished choice for discerning customers.

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