Cabano, established in 1999, has consistently upheld high-quality and trend-setting design as the core of its product line, a vision that has propelled the brand to a leadership position in the Canadian market. With an impressive list of influential retailers and a vast portfolio of projects ranging in size, Cabano has cemented its reputation for excellence in the luxury bathroom and kitchen water fixtures industry.

The Ca'bano brand is synonymous with luxury, offering an extensive range of decorative plumbing products. Their collection includes faucets, shower components, and accessories, all characterized by exceptional design and craftsmanship. Cabano distinguishes itself with a palette of six designer finishes, providing versatile options to complement various faucet lines and cater to diverse aesthetic preferences.

Committed to environmental responsibility, Cabano practices recycling waste brass, reusing water, and exercising strict control over its plating facilities. The brand's faucets not only comply with the highest standards of ecological manufacturing laws but also embrace water-saving technologies, reducing flow rates by 30% compared to industry standards. This commitment underscores Cabano's dedication to sustainability without compromising on quality or performance.

With a centralized warehouse based in Ontario, Cabano ensures timely delivery of its products. The brand also maintains a ready supply of replacement parts, guaranteeing prompt and efficient service. This logistical efficiency, combined with a commitment to quality and environmental stewardship, makes Cabano a trusted and respected name in the field of luxury bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

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