Cheviot, established in 1984 by Zul Amlani, is a brand that bridges traditional and contemporary design elements to transform routine bathroom activities into more intimate and essential experiences. The company began its journey with a mission to connect North American homeowners with diverse cultures, traditions, and manufacturing techniques from around the globe, thereby enriching their homes with worldly lifestyles. With its roots in a quest for a unique bathroom sink, Cheviot has grown to offer an expansive range of high-quality bathroom fixtures.

In 1987, Cheviot expanded its distribution to Washington and Oregon, and by 1988, its reach extended across all of Canada and the United States. The brand continued to innovate, introducing the Master Collection Bathtubs in 2015 and solid surface bathtubs in 2017. Cheviot's approach to bathroom fixture distribution stands out in a market often dominated by volume and price. The company delves into the historical and geographical contexts of its partners, from collaborating with a family-owned cast iron producer in Europe for bathtubs to exploring the rich bath culture of Turkey for ceramics.

Cheviot's Designer Collections feature work from acclaimed Italian, American, Brazilian, and Japanese designers, each bringing a unique perspective and philosophy. Whether it's the sleek, geometric tubs or traditional claw-foot designs, Cheviot caters to a diverse array of styles, colors, and accessories to complement individual spaces and personal tastes. Functionality is paramount in Cheviot products, evident in their commitment to robust construction techniques, from sand casting for tub thickness control to the incorporation of durable vitreous enamel in sinks.

Collaboration with world-class interior designers like Ruy Ohtake, Teri Pecora, Joao Armentano, and Fernanda Marques underlines Cheviot's dedication to delivering what customers desire. The brand is synonymous with timeless quality, with products like cast iron bathtubs made in Europe, reflecting skills passed down through generations, and sinks crafted with vitreous enamel for enduring durability and ease of cleaning. Cheviot not only provides exquisite bathroom fixtures but also narrates the rich stories and craftsmanship behind each product.

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