Delta has been a transformative force in home water experiences since 1954, focusing on innovations and designs that revolutionize how you interact with water in your kitchen and bathroom. Their range of faucets, showerheads, and other water fixtures are not just about utility but about creating memorable moments in everyday life. Delta’s technological advancements redefine daily water use, aiming to revolutionize your water experience and thereby enhancing your overall quality of life.

Delta's commitment to the environment and sustainability is evident in its partnership with WaterSense and its dedication to reducing the company's eco-footprint. Their innovative technologies like Magnalite® magnetic docking spray wands, Touch2O Technology faucets, Delta Diamond Seal Technology valves, and H2O Kinetic technology all align with their goal of water conservation without compromising user experience. The Delta FlushIQ™ Technology, with hands-free flush, leak detection, and overflow prevention, further showcases their innovative approach.

In every collection, Delta marries function with aesthetics, ensuring that each product is a statement piece that elevates the style and efficiency of your home. From water-efficient toilets and freestanding tub fillers to In2ition® Showers with H2Okinetic™ technology, Delta sets the standard for innovative, eco-friendly, and stylish water fixtures.

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