Kohler Co., established in 1873, has long been a cornerstone in enhancing gracious living by providing a full spectrum of plumbing products for homes and lifestyles. With a mission intertwined with the belief in better business practices leading to a better world, Kohler's global team of over 40,000 associates is dedicated to improving life quality through innovation, craftsmanship, and design excellence.

Kohler's extensive product line goes beyond just bathroom fixtures to encompass a wide array of plumbing solutions for both the kitchen and bathroom. Their offerings include not only high-quality faucets and fixtures but also a diverse range of kitchen sinks, stylish vanities, luxurious bathtubs, and practical shower bases. Kohler's range extends to advanced toilets and comprehensive shower kits, ensuring that every aspect of bathroom design and functionality is covered. Additionally, their bathroom sink faucets are known for blending form and functionality, reflecting Kohler’s commitment to quality and design innovation.

Kohler products are synonymous with durability and style, crafted from high-grade materials to ensure long-lasting performance and resistance to daily wear. The variety in designs, from classic to contemporary, allows customers to find the perfect match for their home's style. Kohler's commitment to providing complete plumbing solutions is evident in their user-friendly products, accompanied by clear installation instructions and necessary hardware, making setup straightforward and hassle-free. With Kohler, customers can expect to find everything they need for their kitchen and bathroom, making it a one-stop destination for high-quality plumbing products that enhance both the utility and aesthetics of any space.

For more on Kohler, visit: https://kohler.ca/ca/ & https://www.kohlercompany.com/

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