Maier, a family-run company based in Barcelona, Spain, has established itself as a manufacturer of fine bathroom and kitchen faucets and accessories. With a commitment to design and reliability, Maier's approach is fueled by a passion for excellence, honed over three generations of experience. Their exclusive collections, which have adorned bathrooms and kitchens in prestigious hotels and residences in over 60 countries, perfectly align with contemporary architecture. Whether in classical or minimalist designs, Maier's products are imbued with a distinct personality, adding meaning and sensitivity to every space.

Maier's influence extends globally, with participation in outstanding architectural projects across Canada, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and beyond. The brand's creativity manifests in the transformation of metal into jewel-like pieces, with the first design drafts being the genesis of this metamorphosis. Utilizing the latest technology, Maier meticulously crafts each detail, ensuring that the distinctive beauty of their faucets and accessories is embodied in every product. This dedication results in unique shapes and decorations, designed not only to reflect light but to become iconic fixtures in the world's finest luxury bathrooms.

Maier's ecological responsibility is comprehensive, spanning from the selection of environmentally friendly materials to implementing waste recycling processes. The company is also dedicated to developing water-saving technology in its mixers, reflecting its commitment to energy savings. This environmental consciousness extends to Maier's packaging choices, opting for eco-friendly solutions like recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes, reducing the use of inks, varnishes, and plastics, yet maintaining their distinct image and design. Maier's blend of creative and sophisticated ideas, exclusive designs, and environmental care form the pillars of a philosophy that respects both beauty and the planet.

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