Moen is committed to crafting beautiful, long-lasting products for customers worldwide, with a focus on innovation and customer-centric design. At Moen, the customer is at the heart of the design process, where their needs and insights shape the development of innovative products that simplify daily tasks. Moen's powerful Magnetix technology exemplifies this approach, offering easy removal of rain showers for quick and effective cleaning.

Moen's Magnetix® technology revolutionizes the use of handshowers, making them more intuitive than ever. Showerheads equipped with this technology feature a strong magnet for secure docking and effortless release, even with your eyes closed. This eliminates the need for a cradle or clip, and the magnetic dock ensures the handshower always faces forward for precise water direction. Additionally, Moen's MotionSense™ technology offers hands-free convenience in the kitchen, responding instantly to your needs.

As an award-winning brand holding over 75 patents, Moen is recognized for its innovative contributions to the industry. The brand seamlessly blends style and functionality in all its kitchen and bathroom products. Key innovations include MotionSense® for hands-free faucet operation with dual motion sensors and a manual handle for temperature control, Power Clean™ for enhanced spray power, and Reflex® for a fully retractable spray handle that docks smoothly regardless of the retraction angle. Moen's commitment to innovation and customer-focused design makes it a leader in providing exceptional kitchen and bathroom solutions.

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