Newform, established in 1981 and now led by Tiziano and Alessandra Gessi, epitomizes the fusion of aesthetics and functionality, design originality, and meticulous attention to detail. This all-Italian brand has passionately crafted its narrative over more than 30 years, becoming a key player in the kitchen and bathroom furnishing sector. Newform's products are born from a deep understanding of contemporary culture and a keen responsiveness to the evolving dynamics of living spaces. The company has consistently achieved significant economic growth, securing a prominent position in the high-end taps and fittings market.

In an industry where innovation seemed saturated, Newform has boldly invested in and introduced highly innovative design products. The brand's facility, a remarkable blend of crystal and steel set against the backdrop of Valsesia, strikes a harmonious balance between nature and modernity, encompassing production, logistics, and offices. Newform prides itself on its authentic "Made in Italy" production, being one of the few companies capable of independently managing all stages of production, from initial design to the finished product.

Newform's distribution strategy emphasizes selective diffusion both within Italy and internationally, maintaining a consistent brand identity aligned with its styling and image guidelines. The brand's global presence is marked by a widespread distribution network, ensuring that its Italian-made products are recognized and appreciated worldwide. Newform's commitment to contemporary design meets the most specialized functional requirements, particularly evident in their Contract line, which reflects a cosmopolitan and current interpretation of design. This approach, coupled with the capability to customize products as per client requests, underscores Newform's versatility and innovation.

Newform's collections and products grace the interiors of prestigious international hotels, adding beauty and uniqueness to enchanting suites. Their products not only embody the essence of Italian design flair but also cater to a broad spectrum of aesthetic and functional needs, making them a valued addition to luxury settings globally.

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