Zomodo stands at the forefront of innovative kitchen product design, bringing functional and modern solutions into homes worldwide. The brand is committed to using only the best materials and the latest technology to produce kitchenware of the highest quality standard. With a creative and dedicated team, Zomodo ensures that customers globally receive not only outstanding products but also personalized service.

Specializing in designing, engineering, and manufacturing high-grade stainless steel kitchen sinks and faucets, Zomodo offers these in multiple colors and finishes to suit diverse aesthetic preferences. The brand’s extensive product range also includes a variety of matching accessories for each sink, such as colanders, drainer trays, glass & bamboo cutting boards, and other innovative kitchen solutions, enhancing both functionality and style in the kitchen.

Founded by Ross Duffy, the CEO of Komodo, an Australian-owned sinkware company, the Zomodo brand is a culmination of top-tier design and manufacturing excellence. While the design and brand office of Komodo is located in Brisbane, Australia, the manufacturing facility is situated in Southern China. Komodo's core business revolves around the design, development, and manufacture of high-quality kitchen products, and under the Zomodo brand, these products have gained international recognition, now available in multiple countries across the globe.

For more about Zomodo, visit: https://zomodo.ca/

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