Bidets Vs Toilet Paper

Here’s a spoiler, it’s not one or the other. The bidet wins, it always wins. This matchup is the equivalent to Floyd Mayweather boxing Logan Paul; there’s no contest. The main question is why is it still not standard to wash your butt? By now it should be obvious why you should own a bidet. Not only will it keep you hygienic, but will also revolutionize your life. Ask anyone who owns a bidet and they will say it is a “life-altering experience.” If those reasons are still not enough for you to finally make the purchase, here’s another reason: the bidet is not an expense, but rather an investment!

If you do not care about being hygienic or transforming your life for the better, maybe you will care about saving money. By owning a bidet you will significantly reduce the amount of toilet paper needed. We are not saying you will eliminate the entire need for toilet paper (that would be gross), but you will reduce the amount used. The exact reduction will be different for everyone, but most reports indicate a 75% reduction. 

Most annual spending reports indicate that an average consumer spends around $150 a year on toilet paper. If you apply the 75% reduction achieved with a bidet, you are saving $112.50 a year. In a lifetime, it is expected an individual spends $10,500 on toilet paper. That means with a bidet, you could save $7,875! Now if you are buying for a household that number only gets higher. If you are buying for a family of four your lifetime spending could rise to $30,000, meaning you would save $22,500! Imagine what you could do with the additional savings. 

Here is an example of a simple bidet investment:

The example does not account for certain economic metrics that some nerds might notice like inflation and interest rates. Also, bidets can be a lot cheaper than $400 and the timeline could easily be stretched beyond 20 years. Nonetheless, this example clearly shows why purchasing a bidet could be worth your wild. 

For some odd reason in recent events, we have seen toilet paper become a lucrative commodity. Apparently, in a pandemic, it is normal for humans to brawl for a piece of “TP” but not to wash their behind. 

The main reason most people have not purchased a bidet is that they claim they cannot afford it. However, we live in a world where people are smashing down doors to pay a thousand dollars for a t-shirt, but are not willing to invest a few hundred dollars to stay hygienic?

A bidet should continue to become a standard product of every household. There is no requirement to buy the most extravagant bidet, but consider paying extra money for greater quality. After all, it's an item you will use every day so make a wise decision and invest in a bidet. 

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