Faucets - "Choosing the Ideal Style"

Choosing a style?

Like clothing, faucets come in many different styles. With thousands of manufacturers out there all with their own unique vision, it can be difficult to find the style of faucet that is the right fit. We are always asked what the best style or what style we should put in our home and like clothing, faucet styles are always changing. Trends that were in style 20 years ago are making a come back! Style’s that we always thought would stick around are slowly disappearing. The first step in choosing the perfect faucet is finding out what style you are looking for. Most faucet styles come in 3 broad categories:

Traditional Faucets

Traditional designs complement the classic Canadian kitchen. While traditional faucets take their design elements from classic themes, they are constantly evolving as designers reinterpret what it means to be traditional. These are the faucets we see in many older homes that keep the traditional look. Remember the summer’s at Grandma’s? Chances are she had a beautiful traditional kitchen faucet in her home.

Contemporary Faucets

Contemporary (also known as “Modern”) designs are the bold and edgy designs in faucets we see today. They can be very structural and are usually modeled after modern material and technology. They are the “modern day” faucet you see in all the trendy hot spots around town. They can be very minimalistic, but very geometric and industrial — featuring angular shapes with sharply defined edges.

Transitional Faucets

Transitional designs are a cross between traditional and contemporary. These are perfect for individuals who want to make the leap to the edgy and industrial look of contemporary, but still want the soft and warm feel of traditional designs. The best of both worlds in one design! 

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